it’s really sad to see family members destroy themselves. You try so hard to pick them back up and support them. It’s really hard when all they do is care about themselves and thing that others are there to cater for there every needs. I personally don’t like to be fucked over, I hate drama and all the talking behind other family members back. It’s really sad because you come to realize the reason why they talk about others is because they can’t stand to live in there own skin, they hate themselves that much that they want to bring everyone to the same level as they are. I hope for health upon them, but honestly they’re physically killing themselves. 

I’m really happy that my family has fallen to pieces and came together and became stronger, my parents are back together and we are all good. We have come out of this stronger and love each other harder. I have grown up and now see everything, my eyes are open and I can see all the bullshit. I’m fine with the four +two members of my family, we need each other and that’s all that matters, were happy and you’re all poison. Sorry but I need positive people in my life so I’m going to kick you all to the curb and wish you the best. 

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